Gorilla Grow Tent Kit (2′ x 4′)

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At two feet by four feet, this built-to-last tent is just perfect for use by all level of growers ranging from beginners to professionals. Yet, you do not have the burden of being bothered whether your space will accommodate this tent as its size makes it more compatible and fit in any room space or size. Its interlocking poles that can easily extend from 6’7″ to 7’7″ frame the tent and can comfortably support fans and filter.

So, at such small size when compared amongst various other grow tents, this particular grow tent is quite unique and user-friendly.


The LED system attached to this grow tent is the latest and the very best; it is very powerful and works tremendously well for any kind of garden. The fans are also very quiet. This LED system was designed to enhance the light penetration in the garden, producing the perfect light for every stage of your plant growth and it is quite easy to set up. You do not have to bother about the weight of the LED system, because the poles are built to hold such weight comfortably!


Gorilla grows tent two feet by four feet also comes with bug resistant micro mesh pre-filters that help in removing foreign particles from the water and air that goes into the garden. Its interior is lined with reflective mylar to disperse rays from every possible angle to your plants. Its fabric is double-stitched making it extra insured and thick and its zippers are totally secure.

In addition, the tent includes a viewing window that allows you to get a view of your plants without constantly having to step into the garden and disrupt its quietness and growth procedure.

Also, you should know that this tent is washable, so once in a while, take it down for a wash to maintain a conducive hygienic environment for the plants.

Summarily, this tent shouldn’t be looked down on as it provides the most bang for your money.

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