Gorilla Grow Tent Kit (5′ x 9′)

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The GGT standard line boasts of being the most versatile and durable when it comes to grow tents/ for many growers who are seeking for a high quality grow tent, the gorilla grow tent kit 5ft by 9ft will do the trick.

Gorilla grow tent kit 5 x 9 are fully automated grow tents, professionally designed to give the best harvest as far as grow tents are concerned. They are fully equipped with all that is needed for an easy growing experience. What’s more, Lifetime Customer Service is included with the order.


What About the Fabric?

The gorilla grow tent kit 5 by 9 feature 1680D (1680 “denier”, this is the industry standard used in measuring the density of fabrics) fabric that is double-threaded and highly-reflective. This is 3-9 times thicker than other grow tents in the market.

With zero traces of light leakage, this tent is very efficient as it features an extra-thick canvas and lights reflective silver PET mylar lining that creates enough light and warm environment for the plants. The frames are also something to be noticed as they are safe and solid, prevents structural twisting and is strong enough to carry the hanging lights and other equipment. Its zippers are a strong anti-burst metal zipper that easily slides on the track and stays firmly shut. These simply provide the grower with these benefits: less noise pollution, less light infiltration, and more sturdiness.


It is Safe

Every grower should be concerned about the safety of his garden, and the environment. The gorilla grow tent kit 5 by 9ft comes with a flood pool that is installed at the bottom of the tent, with Velcro strips that cover around the poles. The pool ensures that even the largest spills are contained within the pool. Plus, a roof section that wades off infrared; cooling the top of the tent, so you do not have to worry about external temperature impacts in your garden.

The frames are rock-solid, interlocking poles, so forget it, the light won’t collapse on you or ruin your grow.



Many other growers do not have pre-filters. The ones that do are mostly netted and large, and pests easily get through them and they can leak air, permitting molds or other diseases to get in.

But, this gorilla grow tent is resistant to diseases and bugs. It is fitted with micro mesh pre-filters and double-lined ducting. Included are extra details like tool pouch, and extra stitching in mostly used areas show the level of expertise gorilla went in designing this grow tent.


Assembling and Usage

This grow tent is easy to be assembled and usage is even much easier. With the addition of Velcro door strips, the doors can be assembled without anyone else’s help. The roof fits easily and the zippers are easy and large and roll around the corners of the tent with much ease and durability.

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