Gorilla Grow Tent Kit – 10′ x 10′

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Gorilla Grow Tent Kit - 10'x10' - Review

Why is this Gorilla Grow Tent Kit with the four 1000w KIND LED Lights our favorite grow tent kit ever?  Simple, because it’s the best. 

The best thing about it is the 4 Kind LED lights.   Not only is Gorilla the industry leader in grow tent construction and sales, but kind is the industry leader in LED grow lights.   These are seriously good lights, and where the bulk of the expense of this luxury grow tent kit comes from. 

There’s a number of reason the LED lights in this Gorilla kit are so good.  As we said, KIND is industry leader in these kind of lights.  Additionally, LED lights are much MUCH cooler than traditional buld lights and they take much MUCH less energy.  We do not own this particular set, but based on the lights and our own experience with similar lights we would say these would add about $30-$40 a month to your energy bill – NOT A LOT. 

Because they take less power and produce much less heat, they are significantly safer that massive bulb lights.   When you grow in a tightly enclosed tent kit, ventilation and safety are key.  And with this kit you don’t have to worry as much about cooling, because it simply does not get as hot.

Gorilla Grow Tent Kit Comes With Everything

This kit comes with a timer that controls everything – lights, watering, everything.  The only thing it doesn’t come with is some kind of water resovoir, like a CLEAN NEW trash barrel to hold water in on the outside.   These grow tent kits simply don’t come with them.

It also comes with a power supply for your lights and the exact same size intake and outtake fans.  Having proper ventilation and air moving around your plants not only keeps them healthy – it keeps mold from forming on them. . .or helps DRAMATICALLY.

Having the same size intake and ventilation fans means the tent wont implode or explode which can happen if you have different size fans.    Additionally, getting the kit means the fans will fit perfectly with the tent.   You have much less chance of air sliping through the edges by the seams.

Speaking of fans – you also get four small cicrulation fans to keep your plants mold free and fresh, and some clips to hold the lights in place.   Basically everything you need to start your indoor grow.

Gorilla Grow Tents - The Best

When you ask professional – and home growers  – what the best indoor grow tents are, they will invariably respond with Gorilla Grow Tents.   They are built better and work better.  They also have a number of feature that growers like.

Gorilla Grow Tents are 1680D.  The big D stands for Denier.  It’s a measure of textile thickness.  We won’t get too deep into explaining it, but suffice it to say a heavy weight, multi-day nylon backpack (a good one) is about 600D – 1000D.  So the material that Gorilla uses to make their grow tents is about twice as strong. 

They also use a “Diamond Reflective Technology” on the inside to better distribute light.  We very much doubt they are using actual diamonds :), but they definately spread the light around.  And because the tent is so well constructed light does not escape.  We can vouch for that completely.  The Gorilla tents we’ve seen in pitchblack basements and barns have no light coming from them.  

Gorilla also says that smells don’t escape the tent.  While there will still be heady wafts when you open the door, the material does keep stench from completely emenenating in the grow room.  That said, that should be no excuse for not properly ventilating your grow tent – fresh moving air is VERY important to the whole process.

Finally, after your grow, the tent is deisnded to be taken down and washed.  We recommend a good steralizing each time.  It really doesn’t take that long and can save you a lot of headaches with mold.  Which, growers can attest, is something you absolutely DON’T want to have to deal with if you can help it.

Kind XL1000 LED Lights - Also The Best

This grow tent kit really is the best.  Not only does it come with the killer Gorilla tent, but you also get 4 of the best LED grow lights currently made.  These lights are amazing.  We live in an area that gets very cold in the winter, so we appreciate the heat that traditional growlights put off and haven’t made the switch to LED lights completely.  But when we re-outfit our indoor grow setups, more of these lights will be the first thing we get.  They just work.  And with the autopilot contoller we mention below – they work VERY well.

We won’t get into all the science of lumens, light distribution and grow cycles, but we will simply say – they give a huge light footprint compared to other lights.  AND perhaps even more importantly they are a real and adequate replacement for 1000 watt HPS bulbs and they draw about 50% less power (according to the manufacturer – we have not done power tests to confirm that number but we can say out LED lights draw much less power than our HBC lights – but again, we need the heat in the winter).

We will close with a quick description of the LED lights from the manufactuer – but our last words on these are. . THEY ARE GOOD, this is where the bulk of this systems expense comes from, but they are worth it:

“Because the individual diodes of a Kind LED light are set to a specific color and in a specific proportion, we are able to emit the exact spectrum that a developing plant would need to thrive, with little to no waste. The 12 band complete spectrum is designed to perfectly match the growth needs of your plants.”

Dimensions: 26″ x 20″ x 3.5″
Weight: 36 lbs.
Max Wattage: 630w
HID Wattage Equivalent: 1000w.
Total Diodes: 320
Diodes Wattage: Perfect Mix of 3w & 5w
Footprint: 5′ x 5′
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Power Input
Output Voltage: UL Standard Output Voltage – Less than 76V DC
Amperage: 5.25

Top-Rated Autopilot Combination Recycling and Lighting Timer

One of the big pieces of this kit is The Autopilot Master Digital Timer (APCTMDT).  This environmental control center is designed to control lighting and recycling functions within your grow area.

The MDT has dual timer functions, a 24-hour time clock for lighting and a recycling timer for pumps or CO2 injection.  This is the brain child of the kit and learning to use this piece will be essential to your success as an indoor grower.  This particular auto-time is TOP RATED and very good. 

It has 4 receptacles or outlest – one controls the pump (or other recycling device), two of the outlets are specified for “daytime” devices like your lights and light movers – of fan and air pumps.  The other is generally for nighttime devices and lights.

One VERY nice feature about this time is that it has a “high temperature shutoff” swtich which will turn the enitre system off if the room gets too hot or their is a ventilation failure.   It also has a “hot start” safety feature that makes sure the lights have cooled before it restarts them.

We like these safety feature alot and REALLY like them in the context of a grow tent kit system where you are creating a tightly controlled environment. 

Some of the other features include:

  • Precise digital time clock with battery backup
  • Adjustable high temperature shutdown
  • Adjustable hot start prevention
  • Up to 1200 watts direct plug-in lighting control
  • Control in excess of 1200 watts with additional high power light controllers (sold separately)
  • Recycling on/off range – 1 second to 96 hours
  • Three foot remote temperature probe
  • Pre-programmed factory settings for quick plug and play operation

Our Take - The Best Grow Tent Kit. . .period.

We’ve seen this grow tent kit setup in a pole barn on a friends property in the wooods and we can say. . . it IS all that.  If you have a large space and want to invest in a solid indoor growing setup that all fits together pefectly, this is the one.  It looked sweet in the barn and it will look great tucked away in a basement.  Be aware that it is 10′ x 10′, so while it does provide ample room for anumber of planets, it also takes up a bunch of space.    Be sure to measure twice – the perfect grow tent doesn’t work if it doesn’t fit in your space.   

And in our eyes, this grow tent kkit could be the perfect one – all top componants – especially where it counts make this stand out.  We very highly recommend it.

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