Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4′ x 4′)

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This exceptional, freestanding, durable tent is perfect for all level of growers, whether amateur or professional. It allows your growing environment to be controlled as needed. It allows open, close, or vent system, with fans for temperature adjustments, and light conditioning.

Most professional growers opt for the Gorilla Grow Tent Lite 4×4 if they want to have a lightweight tent and also save money. Though this tent is less expensive and less heavy than most of their GGT counterparts, they are no less quality assures as the fabric do not loose thickness and durability.

This tent is also height expandable with its height extension kits, though they are sometimes sold separately.

Fabric Density

At 210D fabric density, the gorilla grow tent lite 4 x 4 is quite a bit lower than the GGT standard line. Nonetheless, their binding procedure combines the outside canvas fabric with the reflective interior in a more effective way that it is still better than most other tents in the market. Other tent manufacturers may manufacture tents at around 600D with a low end of 190-200D. This may be true, but something makes gorilla grow tent lite 4 x 4 unique in its own ways – the binding method. Gorilla grow tent lite 4 x 4 binding method makes it more durable against puncture, water leak, ripping, leaking light, and it creates an airtight growing setting. This is something other tents cannot guarantee, creating a stronger fabric overall. That is to say that even bulkier fabrics from other competing grow tent producers are bettered.

Its interior lining is fitted with very reflective mylar that easily spreads the light rays internally; this allows the plant to make use of all the supplied light without wasting any. The reflection surface is warmly stuck on the outer fabric and will not tear or separate.

The gorilla grow tent lite 4ft by 4ft also features strong, durable zippers designed to curve and go round corners without separating or opening. Plus, a heavy-duty flood protection pool designed to hold water is systematically fitted into the tent.

Form Quality

The general form quality of the gorilla grow tent lite 4 x 4 is second to none. Before we proceed, let’s take a look at the frame. This tent has strong metal poles interlocking with each other, to make sure that the whole structure is tremendously stable. The corner joints interlock at every point, making it rock-solid and highly stable.

Its ducting ports are designed with precision, in a way that shows that the gorilla grow tent lite 4 x 4 was made by experience and expertise based on indoor gardening. The upper rails are removable and thereby provide support for lighting, ventilation, and odor control. The frames can be completely assembled in minutes without any tools. In addition, there is a convenient access tool pouch fitted right into the tent for the store of your gardening tools, an EZ view window, that allows you to have a view of your plants without having to disturb the plant growth timeline.


This tent is resistant to most bugs and diseases. This is assured by the micro mesh pre-filters and double-lined ducting, both of which prevents mold or pests from getting into your garden.

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