HTGSupply Grow Tent Kits

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Anyone who has been in the indoor grow business long enough is certain to recobnize HTGSupply as one of the top hydroponic supply stores in the country.  They currently have stores in 9 different states across the country.

They bring that experience to bare on thier custom grow tent kit builds.   We’ve profiled some of them below.  One important note when looking at HTG Supply Grow Tent Kits is  to pay particular attention to the measurements.  They are not standard feet like the other grow tents, we’ve provided the sizes in inches.

HTG grow tents come in different and adjustable measurement that matches various spaces of the user environment, varying from 29″ long x 53″ wide x 85″ high to 39.25″ long x 39.25″ wide x 37″ high.

HTG Supply grows tents are hydroponically enabled, which allows its users to grow plants indoors with great results. HTG supply grows tents will enable a lot of plants to grow indoors with ease, being fed just water. The healthy growth it offers plants are because of the artificial lights that come into the tent through the 730nm LED red-light that is infrared activated in your grow tent, this also allows you grow up to 4 of your favorite plants.

Plus, plants in the HTG supply grow tents react to a more natural growth pattern by the effects of these red light if switched on between longer intervals like 10-12 hours a day, this ignites flowering cycle in your garden/plants.

HTG Supply Grow Tents Come With. . .

No matter what your intents are, or the kind of garden you wish to grow, the styling and organic looks and output of HTG Supply Grow Tents make it enhance any environment, adding an extra dimension.

All the kits included in the complete HTG supply grow tent are top-quality and properly sized in other to work in accord and produce a full harvest. This is a rare kind of deal that HTG offers, so go ahead, make your purchase and enjoy in no time with your HTG Supply Grow Tent and complete kit!

  • (1) AgroMax Original Short Stack grow tent
  • (1) AgroMax OTD 84 LED grow light
  • (1) AutoPot Easy2grow 2-pot gravity feed hydroponics system
  • (1) 120v dual-outlet mechanical timer
  • (1) GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer
  • (1) 6″ clip-on circulation fan
  • (2) Canna coco coir block
  • (1) Expanded clay pebbles 10-liter bag
  • (1) Canna Coco A 1-quart bottle
  • (1) Canna Coco B 1-quart bottle

Buy HTG Supply Indoor Grow Tent Kits Online

Here’s the selection of HTG Grow Tent Kits available at Amazon.  We’ve collected pretty much all the main grow tent kits from their site.   These are great mid range starter grow kits.


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