Secret Jardin Grow Tent Kits


Secret Jardin grow tents are some of the best of their kind. Beginner growers may ask, why?  Mylar Interior, Strong Supports, and a History of Quality. . .

Secret Jardin grow tents are designed by growers, for growers.  They’re good for beginner or experienced professional growers – The Secret Jardin complete range of grow tents were developed to meet the requirements of indoor farmers and growers.  They are made in Europe and represent some of the best grow tents the industry has to offer.

Secret Jardin Grow Tent Fabric

With the help of its large heavy duty zippers and highly durable tear-proof fabric, Secret Jardin grow tents are durable, and this strong fabric type prevents leakages and light from emitting from the tent. The grow tents can be adjusted and extended to fit your space.

Secret Jardin Grow Tent Performance

Secret Jardin grow tents are fitted with mylar lining for complete reflectivity. So, for overly concerned growers, you do not need to bother so much about having the right amount of light going into your garden. The mylar lining ensures the effective spreading and circulation of the right amount of light for a healthier growth. It’s lining is washable too. It may interest you to also know that Secret Jardin were the first manufacturers to make use of the superbly reflective powers of hammered mylar, before other companies copied and followed suit.

Like the other grow tents we feature at All Grow Tents – Secret Jardin grow tents are made specialized in indoor gardening.  These are hydroponics enabled – and provides hydroponic growers with great coverage and a controlled environment for their crops.  You simply have to equip your grow tent with the equipment that comes in the kit and to obtain a greater and more satisfactory yield.

Buy Secret Jardin Grow Tent Kits Online

Secret Jardin grow tents are well ventilated, they come with fans and air vents that comfortably accommodate the fans and filter. So you can check out your plants without needing to enter the tent, through the vents.

Plus, the tent support system can carry loads that weigh up to 30kg, so you do not have to worry about the lighting and fan pulling down the roof.

The accessories set that comes with the Secret Jardin grow tent are quality-assured and guaranteed to help you attain full productivity. And the components are very easy to be assembled, they can actually be assembled without any tools.  Which is pretty big bonus.

The Secret Jardin grow tent packages include:

  • 1x Secret Jardin DS150 (150x150x200cm) grow tent.
  • 1x 600w Maxibright Pro Compact ballast or 600w Maxibright Pro-Select Digilight ballast.
  • 1x 600w Sunmaster dual spectrum HPS lamp.
  • 1x Maxibright Euro grow light reflector.
  • 1x 125mm Rhino single speed RVK fan.
  • 1x 125/300mm Rhino Pro carbon filter.
  • 1x 125mm x 10mtr Aluminum ducting.
  • 2x 125mm Fastening clamps.
  • 1x Easy Roller light hanging kit.
  • 1x Lumii grow light timer/controller.
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